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Sights and Interests of Copenhagen

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With a population just over 500,000, Copenhagen is a city you don't want to miss if you're going to be touring Europe. The capital of Denmark, Copenhagen has a truly special charm that needs to be experienced to be appreciated. The world's oldest monarchy is in Denmark, and the Royal family just may be seen mingling with the people in downtown Copenhagen, as they are famous for hanging with the common folk. And downtown is where you'll find Amalienborg Palace, home to the monarchs.

A classic European feel is what you'll get in Copenhagen, with narrow cobbled streets and no shortage of fascinating old buildings from all points of history. If you want to get to the heart of it all, head for City Hall square, where you can admire Tivoli Gardens on one side, and Stroget (the straight) on the other, Europe's longest pedestrian street. City Hall square was originally constructed in 1900 in the Romantic style. It was subsequently renovated and revamped in 1996.Down Stroget a bit you'll find the exquisite bronze fountain created at Gammel Square in 1608. Another great place to stop is in Grabrodre Square in the heart of this very trendy shopping district.

Stay at the Stroget for late afternoon and evening street entertainment - there's quite a variety of performers. The Tivoli pleasure gardens will also provide a steady stream of entertainment. There are roller coasters and much more to keep you having fun. Don't limit yourself to the Tivoli Gardens, as there are many green parks in Copenhagen to enjoy and explore.

Another musn't-miss part of Copenhagen is the 17th-Century New Harbor (Nyhavn), a beautifully picturesque waterfront area known as the place that famous Danish fairy-tale author Hans Christian Anderson lived for years. There you will also find water tours of the city, along with a wonderful array of restaurants and lively nightlife. 

The best time to visit Copenhagen is in the summer, when the nights are long and the temperatures are quite pleasant.

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Sights and Interests of Copenhagen

Copenhagen, Denmark