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Colombo - A Cultural, Vibrant City

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Colombo, the largest city in Sri Lanka, is a beautiful but not very well known city that is as cultural as it is vibrant. With a population of over five million, there is a hustle and bustle at all hours of the day. There are manmade architectural structures for one to look at, there are natural sites to behold, and there are festivals and event to enjoy at any time of year. Colombo is a city full of active residents who are willing to help a visitor navigate the many pleasures of the area. There are all kinds of resources for those who are traveling with family, alone, for business, or just to get away from it all.

One of the most famous land marks and sites to see in Colombo is the Beira Lake. On this lake, there is a chance that visitors can see the many boat races that are hosted in its waters. The banks of the lake is also used as a theater of any kind, from comedy to tragedy. The lake has been around as long as the city has, and it has always been a favorite. Colonists used it for defense of the city in the past.

One of the greatest things about the Colombo area is the fact that the weather is virtually perfect for just about anything, that is, except snowboarding! The temperature ranges from a very stable 80 to 85 degrees all year long, from January to December. In Celsius, this is the temperatures of 27 to 28. The weather is perfect for shorts and short sleeved pants, and while one does not need to wear a jacket, it does not get excessively hot. This is the ideal weather for those who are weak and cannot take extreme heat or coldness. Even the elderly thrive in temperatures such as these. The only difference in between the different seasons is the rainfall. There is more rain in the monsoon seasons, October to January and May to August.

It is such a shame when the only photos in the family photo album take place in the living room or on the playground at the first day of school. Colombo is a city that has many memories just waiting to be made, and the beauty of the architecture is a great photo opportunity for professionals and mothers alike. A favorite site is the Jami Ul-Alfar Mosque, a large place of worship with an intricate red and white design that greeted sailors who were coming in from the sea. The Galle Face Hotel is another favorite, with visitors like the British Royal Family and other celebrities. The city also has promenades and palm trees that makes the city feel like an incredible wonderland.


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Colombo - A Cultural, Vibrant City

Colombo , Colombo