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Northern Territory to West Coast of Australia

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Hi Everyone,

After working in Melbourne for a number of months I took myself, Murray and my hard earned cash on a holiday starting in Darwin in the Northern Territory and finishing up in Perth.  Here's how I got on.....

We started our trip Darwin where we bought a 4wd and set off on our 9,000km journey down the coast.

First stop was Litchfield National Park.  Spent a few days here viewing waterfalls and swimming in fresh water holes and creeks.  Campsites had limited facilities and this is where we had our first run ins with cane toads, snakes and millions of ants.  From here we worked our way to Katherine to visit Katherine Gorge and rented a canoe for the day.  I got absolutely soaked but turned out to be a blessing and kept me nice and cool for the day.  We came from 18 degrees to 36 degrees so it took me awhile to aclimatise. 

We then drove to Kununura in Western Australia and gained an extra 90mins in our day.  This was the last town to stock up on supplies before begining the Gibb River Road.

The Gibb River Road is often referred to as Australia's last frontier.  The road itself is 660km but all the sights were off road so we ended up cover a few hundered kms more.  The main attractions are the Gorges.  They usually involved hiking for a least 30 mins in the sweltering heat but we were rewarded with a nice cool swim when we got there.  While we were here we visited the Aboriginal Community of Kalumburu.  Kalumburu is on the coast so it was nice to be by the sea for a day or two.  We went fishing here and I caught my first fish, a cod.  I was pretty pleased with myself.

After a 10 day trip roughing it on the long and dusty Gibb River Road we came to Broome.  Again we couldn't wait to get by the sea again and Broome is home to the beautiful Cable Beach so not a bad start to our coastal trip.  We did get a bit of rain in Broome which was pity and meant we couldn't take a 4wd track to Cape Leveque due to the road being closed but what can you do.

We then began to work our way down to the Coral Coast stopping off in the mining town of Dampier along the way.  After a couple of long days driving we finally made it to Exmouth, home to the famous Ningaloo Reef.  I dove the Navy Pier which is one of the top ten dives in the world.  I was pretty nervous as I had heard there was a lot of really big fish there and was afraid I would panic but it was really good.  Saw some sharks for the first time and a huge turtle.  We spent about two weeks on the Coral Coast, taking in Exmouth, Coral Bay, Cape Range National Park and feeding the dolphins in Monkey Mia.

Next stop was Kalbarri to visit Nature's Window in Kalbarri National Park. 

From here we drove to Perth via the Hutt River Province, the only place in Australia to secede from the Commonwealth, the Pink Lake in Port Gregory - pink due to high levels of beta carrotine in the water and the Pinacles.


We are now in Perth but are looking to settle in Fremantle and get some work for awhile.

Hope you like the photos.

Bye for now,




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Darwin to Perth 2010

Darwin, Katherine, Kununura, Broome,Dampier,Exmouth,Denham,Kalbarri, Perth, Australia