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Tanzania Holiday - Ballooning

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Imagine yourself floating above the great plains of Africa in a hot air balloon. This is a unique adventure that few will experience. But your Tanzania holiday can be more than you dream if you find one of these special tours.

You’ll lift off as dawn is breaking and gracefully float above the Serengeti National Park. This large game reserve is home to a vast variety of wildlife. You’ll drift over the herds of zebra and gazelle as they migrate through the park. Lions will look up at your silent air craft and roar as the balloon’s shadow passes over them. This is one of the best ways to see this magnificent plain that has captured the imagination of people the world over.

The Great Rift Valley is an incredible place from any point of view. But your quiet balloon will give you a unique perspective as you float above this rugged landscape. This seismically active area was created by volcanic activity long ago, separating the African and Arabian tectonic plates in such a way that the surface of the Earth was spectacularly scarred here. Over six thousand kilometers in length, this valley will take your breath away as you gaze into its rocky depths and admire the mountain peaks that thrust up from it.

Your balloon can follow the Great Rift to Lake Victoria, which is not only the largest lake in Africa but also the largest tropical lake on Earth. On Safari Tanzania borders with Kenya and Uganda, this lake is home to many types of wildlife. From your balloon height, you might not be able to see the Nile Perch swimming in these sometimes murky waters, but you might catch sight of zebras coming down to drink, or even water buffalo wading into the shallows. You’ll be able to snap unique photographs from above the lake during this part of your Tanzania holiday—pictures that are unique and will bring to life your memories of your vacation in this wonderful land.


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