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Thailand travel guide

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Visitors on holidays to Thailand can visit Bang Pa In, which is located In Central Thailand, and is one of the 16 provinces of Ayutthaya. Bang Pa In is a perfect way to enjoy holidays to Thailand, as there are quite a few sights to behold, such as the Bang Pa In Palace, which is behind a very high wall. Massive towers are also found around the palace, so tourists will marvel at the palace and its surroundings. There is actually two complexes that make up Bang Pa In Palace, so tourists will enjoy exploring the complexes. Visiting the palace is a big must.

Hua Hin is a beach resort town located in Western Thailand, and tourists who love seafood and fish will love the fish market in Hua Hin. Thailand’s second largest fishing feet is Hua Hin, so fish lovers will enjoy it in Hua Hin. Visitors can also visit the night market in Hua Hin, as it is filled with many vendors, as well as restaurants that serve an excellent variety of food. Beachgoers will also love the sands and waters of Hua Hin, as the beach in Hua Hin is a beautiful place for swimming and relaxing.

Bangkok is located in central Thailand tour and visitors who visit Thailand must visit Bangkok and see the Grand Palace. The Grand Palace is filled with history and tourists will gawk at the beauty of the palace. Visitors who love food will be pleased with the many restaurants that are found within Bangkok, as there are many restaurants that cater to almost everybody’s preference of food. Shoppers will also love Bangkok, as it is home to many kinds of markets and shops, one is sure to find what they are looking for at one of the many shops found within Bangkok.


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