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China Travel Guide

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When you do a China tour there are some things you have to experience while there. In the following text you will be able to read about things to see and do in China.

The Great Wall of China is something most tourists want to experience. You can climb the wall at several locations and walk along it, you can even enter the guard towers. The wall stretches for 8,851.8 km. The wall was originally built to defend the northern borders of the empire against various nomadic groups. Portions of the wall have been renovated due to the tourism but there is still a large portion that’s either in disrepair or that’s been vandalized.

During your China tour you can also visit China's capital, Beijing. There are plenty of things to do here, from shopping to visiting one of many museums as well as enjoy the nightlife. You can also visit the Forbidden City, one of largest and best preserved collection in all of China. The Forbidden City was the center of Chinese power for centuries, within the off limit-palace the mighty rulers once lived and ruled all of China. While still in Beijing you can visit the city’s zoo where you’ll find plenty of panda bears. This is one of few locations where these animals are on display. There are also other rare animals on display.

Another place to visit is The Himalaya Mountains. This is the highest mountain range in the world and it’s a grand sight for anyone visiting the mountains. With the fourteen highest peeks in the world none is more famous than Mount Everest. The Himalayas stretches across six different countries. There are thousands of lakes for those who can handle a short ascent. The largest is called Pangong which lies on the Nepal-China border.


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