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Marvels of nature- kenya

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The great tropical weather and friendly people of Kenya are not the only reasons that make Kenya holidays continue to generate as much interest today as they did a decade ago – perhaps even more.

The Great Rift Valley is one of the unique marvels of nature to be found in this country. Spanning almost the entire length of the country, this natural work of art contains many surprises for the tourist.
It is home to the country’s highest number of Lakes, both freshwater and salty. It is here too that you will find an amazing array of Kenya’s avian family. The hot springs and geysers within it make another great attraction that has aroused the curiosity of geologists and others the world over.

Hellsgate National Park is not the most popular of the local parks but is a place you will certainly enjoy visiting. It plays host to a Maasai cultural center, one of the most popular cultural groups in the country. Within it also, you can learn a lot about geothermal power production from any of its 3 plants.
It also has some of the best campsites in the country which have been favored by some for a secluded honeymoon experience in the wild.
It is also home to two volcanic plugs – Central Tower and Fischer’s Tower – close to which you will also find a hot spring source. It contains small communities of local wildlife species as well and in it, you could do some exercise on its hiking or biking trails.

Your Kenya holidays’ experience is incomplete until you take a trip to the coast. The beautiful white sandy beaches as well as the matchless opportunity to see an appealing display of marine life makes them comparable to none. Visit the Watamu Marine National Park and enjoy the over 100 species of magnificent coral in the beautiful oceanic garden.


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