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Cambodia Travel Guide: Culture, History and Diversity

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If you seek more than relaxation on your travels, things like cultural enlightenment, embracing diversity and uncovering historical truths in and about the frontiers you visit, then you will love the all-in-one experience provided by holiday Cambodia. When it comes to a well preserved wealth of history, rich culture and diversified everything, Cambodia doesn’t disappoint, probably why it has outgrown itself over the years to become a powerful tourist hub. To experience the magical country, you will need to the employ the services of an experienced local tour operator. Don’t leave your camera behind, you surely will need it.

Cambodia is home to cities, both big and small, with each holding its share of secrets. Topping the list is the capital Phnom Penh. This is the commercial hub of the whole country and a rich cultural base. Any inquisitive tourist won’t fail to notice the many places of interest apart from the luxurious Royal Palace. The National Museum is opposite the Royal Palace and is home to golden-age history of Angkor. It is a relaxing destination if you wish to keep the pedicure on. Sisowath Quay provides a romantic atmosphere to enjoy pleasant evenings. The riverside is heavy in carnival-like aura and roadside restaurants to keep the energy supplied.

Angkor Wat is an old monument worth more than just a visit. Carry rolls of film as this location pays homage to great shots. It is a great architectural achievement from the post and pre-medieval times. The location is a temple to Hindu God, Vishnu. This as well as other sacred locations make holiday Cambodia worthwhile. Every city has a unique catch. With the help of a local tour guide, make an overview of the cities to be visited.

Don’t catch the locals with surprise visits. There are certainly times to visit Cambodia. The country enjoys tropical climate that is warm throughout the year. The dry season starts from November to May. November-February is the most ideal time to visit.


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