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A Good Day with A Good Thai Food in Melbourne city of Delicious Foods

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Pad Ka Prow Moo Grob with fried egg

After decided to start a first personal blog from Wordpress which is easy for user who want to have a blog without a complicate things. The purpose of this blog is for practise my English writing which is very bad and keep my travel experience. I hope I can write it every day because I have a  mission to do something in my life every day, so maybe writing a daily life is a good idea.^^

Panang Moo

Today is quite a good day for me because finally I found the place to eat Thai foods which was the taste like eating in Thailand. For a couple of months, I have missed Thai foods such as Pad Ka Prow Moo Grob with fried egg, Panang Moo, Kaeng Som Cha Om Toad, Pla Sam Rod and etc. I have tried eating at some bistro in the city but it was very oily , I have tried to cook by myself but the taste was terrible. But In finally I already found a good one which was in The Target Centre at the Chinatown.  I had heard about this place before from my Thai girl at AMES (Aey), she told me that the meal in there has tasted like a meal in Thailand. Today my friend, Paul, invited me to have a lunch, so we decided to go there and we invited John and Aey to have a lunch with us.

Kaeng Som Cha Om Toad

When we arrived there, we stopped for watching the menu which pictures were yummy. I couldn't decide what I wanted to eat between Pad Ka Prow Moo Grob and Khao Pad Pla Kem, but in the end I choiced Pad Ka Prow Moo Grob with fried egg. I think it was a good choice, I enjoyed to eat it very much. The taste was the same in Thailand like Aey said. It wasn't salty and oily like in another place ,and the Moo Grob (crispy pork) was crispy and hasn't had a piece of  bone in it. So I quite impressive about this place, maybe next time I will try another meal because it looked delicious all.

Pla Sam Rod

PS. For the first post, It took me 3 hours to write it.......Wow It was very hard for me. - -"

Very sad I couldn't take a picture because my camera didn't have battery. T-T



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