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Beer fest in Munich

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It was Friday evening and we were still undecided on our plans for the weekend. The dilemma was between Austria and October fest in Munich. Finally after scratching our head too much, we decided on Munich on Saturday and Black forest on Sunday.

We reached Munich at 1. We went to the tourist information centre to collect details. The person at the counter asked me about the place I come from. When I replied India, I was startled to see the person reply in Hindi. He said agay jao. Char sou meter and padra minute etc. He also said vanakum when we said we are south Indians.


Based on the directions shown by him, we went to the beer fest location. The main purpose for us to go on the first day was to see some special events like opening of the barrel to begin the fest by the mayor and a parade following that. However, by the time we could reach there all these events had gotten over. Dejected we saw an ice cream shop and had a nice ice cream.


The beer fest location is like a mini jatre. There is a big sea of people out there. I think the german movies might have stories of two brothers getting lost in beer fest and getting united later. Apart from the huge pandemonium, a lot of games, rides and entertainment stuffs can be seen. The rides are not small but are quite huge and looks like a mini version of Wonderla.


We chose one of the beer tents and stood in front of the queue. The queue was moving at an amazing speed of one person an hour. There are about 200 people in each tent and there are about 10 tents. The bookings for a table inside the tent gets over one year before. Inside the tents, there is music, dance, parties etc. Once you are out of the tent you cannot go in again. There is a huge crowd outside the tent as well. There are speakers kept for these people to hear the music and songs that are played from inside. It was like the new year party here with the only exception that gentlemen are replaced by inebriated drunks. The glimpses of the happenings inside and our curiosity made us wait in the queue aimlessly for 2 hours.  Famished, we muttered grapes are sour amongst ourselves and went to enjoy the food we had brought.

After lunch at around 4 and some photo sessions, one group went to drink beer at one of the outlets from outside and we then decided to roam in Munich. We decided to go to the Olympic stadium.

On the way to the Olympic stadium we found BMW museum. This place is good for photo shoots. Here we took some awesome photos on bikes, cars and SUVs. After spending some time here we went to the stadium. The stadium looks like the house of Spiderman, with a lot of entangled thick steel wires. I dint understand the purpose of these. The Olympic stadium was closed by the time we could reach the entrance.  Disgusted we turned back to the railway station.


On the way back to Stuttgart, we met some Germans who conversed with us in Hindi. I was impressed by these people’s interest in a foreign language.  After some time, the train was lonely and we put Raj Kumar’s songs in full volume loud speaker and enjoyed our way back.




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