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North & South Head

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Hello Everyone,

This has been another fun week.  Oscar is all finished with school and we only have 10 more days before we head to New Zealand!  Yippie!

We just had one of our favorite weekends in Sydney.  The weather was spectacular, sunny and around 80 degrees!  We took full advantage of the weather and on Saturday we headed on the ferry to Manly.  We continued our tradition of getting a double scoop of Gelatissimo gelato on arrival to Manly and walked to Shelly Beach (about 10 minutes from Manly).  We had heard this was a good place to snorkel and Oscar just bought some new fins for our trip to Fiji, so he wanted to test them out.  Well, we know we are a bit spoiled, but it was a bit disappointing.  The water was FREEZING and the visibility wasn't very good, but we did get to see a few interesting fish that we've never seen before!  After the quick snorkel (we didn't want to get hypothermia) we continued the walk and hiked through the bush and back around to Manly via the North Head walk.  Our favorite part was this really secluded beach called Collins Beach.  There were only a few people there and the water was calm, crystal clear, and it had beautiful views of the harbour.  We ended this fun day with the ferry boat ride back and had a nice evening at home.  

On Sunday, Oscar woke up early and went for a run, and I got to finally Skype with my family (Natalie :)  She's getting so big, and she is so smart.  I'm so happy that she still remembers me, but it sure makes me sad I'm missing out on her growing up right now.  Luckily, we aren't missing this for nothing...and we are living it up this year in Sydney.  Anyway, after catching up with my family and BFF (Jill) we headed for our next hiking adventure.  This time we headed towards Watson's Bay to do the South Head walk.  Just to clarify... the North & South Head are the points where the harbour meets the Pacific Ocean.  This was one of my favorite days and walks so far.  We started at the oldest lighthouse in Sydney and walked about 4 miles along beautiful cliffs and ocean views.  Sadly, this area is where a lot of people commit suicide, the cliffs are very high here and below lie rugged, jagged rocks, and treacherous waters.  Other than the suicide help signs, the scenery is so beautiful and the pictures I have on Facebook do not do it justice.  On this walk we went to the South Head point and marveled at the beautiful ocean while embracing the strong gusts of ocean air in our faces.   It was amazing!  One funny thing, is that there is actually a nudist beach along this walk.  Unfortunately, there are only old men there, so we didn't see anything but old wrinkly men's butts, and well... you can paint your own picture! I actually caught a great shot of Oscar checking out the old men below (see Facebook)... and there was no denying it! haha... guilty as charged!  We decided to skip the nudist beach and head to the next best option at Camp Cove beach.  It was beautiful... the water was warm, turquoise blue, and it was a great way to cool off from our hike (and for Oscar from the naked men).  We ended the hike with lunch at the Tea Room Cafe with a caprese salad and bruchetta pizza - lots of yummy tomatoes!   That evening we met up with some of Oscar's friends from Colombia (Oscar went to school with them) and we had a lovely evening socializing with them and having a great Thai dinner.  The perfect ending to a perfect weekend!  

So, today is Tuesday, and we are getting so excited for this coming week and our trip to New Zealand!  These next 10 days are full of fun plans in Sydney and then we are off to the start of our 40 day holiday!  To make you all even more jealous, yesterday we booked our next trip!  We are going to Western Australia in April next year during Oscar's school break and we are going to swim with the whale sharks!  We are super excited!  

One last update...Movember has officially ended in our household.  Oscar was growing a mustache, but on Sunday he decided to shave it off.  He said it was bothering him, but I think he did it because I told him I wouldn't kiss him with a mustache :)  haha.  Anyway, I told him he was a quitter, but he didn't care and I'm actually quite happy that Pepe is  gone :)  I just posted the final pictures on Facebook if you want to see Oscar looking ridiculous :)

Okay, well that's it for now.  I will try to send one last e-mail before we go to NZ & then try to be good about sending details on our trips!

Miss you and love you all.

Piper & Oscar


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