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Happy Movember!


No, I didn't misspell November... Movember is an event here in Australia that takes place every November and it is where many men grow a mustache to raise money for charity. Unfortunately (for me) Oscar decided to be part of this Australian tradition!  Today is day 7 and the tache is starting to show (I have to say it’s not a good look on him, but it is quite funny).  Luckily, Oscar has promised me he will shave on November 26 before we leave for New Zealand!  Yup, only 18 more days until we start our 40-day holiday.  We are getting so excited.  Oscar is almost finished with school and he will officially start his summer break on Monday at midnight (or earlier - he has until midnight to turn in his final paper... let's all pray he doesn't wait until 11:55 to turn it in :).  Next week is also my final Spanish class :( I'm hoping to do the next level when we get back from holiday.


Tuesday was Melbourne Cup.  It was a really fun day at work, and the celebration started at 11 a.m. (basically we didn't work that day).  Everyone got dressed up (guys in suits and women in dresses) and I even sported the fun fascinator in my hair.  The actual race was fun to watch. We each put $5 into a sweep (we didn't win anything), but it made it more exciting to watch the horses.  It was fun being apart of a true Aussie tradition - it's called "the race that stops the nation" and it's very true.


Yesterday, I went to a "Swap Party".  It was an event that went on all across the city for national recycling week (or something like that).  Basically you bring up to 3 items (new or in good condition) that you no longer want to swap with everyone else.  I had a few items we weren't going to use; so I went to check it out... it was awesome!  It was very well organized and most people brought really good stuff.  Basically, everyone searches for the thing they want and stands ready to pounce.  The official counts down and then it’s a free for all.  They even have a way to break up a fight over the same item – by playing rock, paper, scissors – luckily I didn’t have to do that!  I got a brand new Rusty purse/tote, a chopper for my kitchen (like new), and a cute beach dress.  It was like shopping for free :).


Today, Oscar went to a Surf and Rescue class in Coogee.  It's a free class where they teach you about the tides, rips, and currents and how to survive swimming here.  The ocean is much different here and you really have to be careful and know what to do if something were to happen.  Oscar really enjoyed the class and he got to go swimming in the surf (the instructor said he was so good, that he asked him to demonstrate again for the class - haha, little did the instructor know that Oscar was exhausted from the first practice - but he survived!).  I, on the other hand, spent this morning deep cleaning our apartment and doing laundry – very exciting!  But I did get to talk to Anik and my mom so that was worth staying home! 


Oh, one last news… on Wed we were invited to Thanksgiving at a colleagues house!  All of the Americans from the office (18 of us) are going to his house for Thanksgiving!  We are so excited that we don’t have to spend Thanksgiving alone in our tiny studio and that we get to share it with other Americans!  It’s so nice of him to have all of us over, and we are bringing the mashed potatoes and making Luz’s (Oscar’s mom) famous corn soufflé!  I will definitely miss my family (this is my first time being away from them) but this makes it a little easier and luckily I get to see my parents just a few weeks later!  We are also very excited for their visit!

Well, that’s it for now… tried to keep it a bit shorter, hopefully not to boring.


Miss you all! 


Piper & Oscar


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