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Candy & Witches or Tongue & Beaches

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Happy Halloween,


Oscar and I are sad that we aren’t home to celebrate Halloween in Baldwin Park and see Natalie in her cute costume, but we did have a pretty amazing Halloween day here in Sydney.  We didn’t have costumes or candy, but we had the most amazing views and hike from Bondi Beach to Maroubra today.  I’ll get to that in a minute.  First, I wanted to say that in the last few days we have both been saying over and over again how much we love living in Sydney.  Can you believe that tomorrow we are celebrating our 4-month anniversary in Sydney?  We can’t believe it’s been four months!   On the other hand we feel like it’s home here and that we’ve been here even longer.  This really is one of the most beautiful, amazing cities in the world and the city continues to be more and more alive as the weather gets nicer.  The parks are full of people enjoying the weather and there’s just always something new to discover here.  Almost every day and weekend there are festivals and events going on – you could never get bored here!   

Last week was Oscar’s last week of school and last weekend he had school on both Sat & Sun and it rained, so we didn’t do too much.  I did eat tongue last week though!  I went to this awesome Japanese BBQ place for lunch and my colleague ordered cow tongue.  Oscar told me how good it was and that his mom made it sometimes, so I decided to be adventurous and open minded and try the tongue!  To my surprise, I actually liked it! Who knew?  I just had to stop remembering that it was a tongue and then I enjoyed it! 

On Saturday, Oscar had his last class for the year, and I went on a wonderful walk to the Botanic Gardens.  I am in love with the Botanic Gardens.  It’s so beautiful there, and I spent about 2 hours walking around, looking at the flying foxes “bats” sleeping in the trees, and then reading an awesome book called Marching Powder as I looked at the Opera House and harbour from a bench.  By the way, if you are looking for a good book to read, pick up Marching Powder.  It is written by an Australian (Rusty Young) that went to Bolivia and he tells about the crazy jail in Bolivia (true story)  -  it’s really good! 

After the Botanic Gardens, I went to check out the new mall in the CBD.  It just opened last week and it is SO nice.  One of the nicest malls I’ve been to and it’s really cool inside.  The “food court” has amazing “fast” food restaurants that serve you on real plates/silverware.  I had the best gourmet BBQ chicken pizza with a salad and goat cheese… yum!  Then of course I had to try the new gelato place, and I got some yummy lemon lime sorbet! 

After that I headed home via Hyde Park and checked out the International Food and Wine festival – no, I wasn’t a fatty and didn’t have a 2nd lunch (I was tempted though).  They set up several booths in Hyde Park and had all kinds of yummy food, desserts, and wine (like I said, there is always something going on in Sydney).  I ended the day in the Paddington markets.  It was a perfect day (except the brief moment when I saw a homeless man peeing in the middle of the street – and let’s just say I saw WAY too much!) and then I met Oscar back at home after his class.  We had a quiet night in watching movies and getting WowCow yogurt for dinner.

This morning we did the Bondi to Maroubra walk. We caught a bus to Bondi Beach and had breakfast at the Icebergs restaurant overlooking the ocean.  Right now they are doing the Sculptures by the Sea exhibit on this walk.  It was really fun to walk along and see all these interesting, sometimes strange sculptures (see my facebook pictures).  We had such a lovely day and made it all the way to Maroubra (about 5 miles along the coast).  We ended with a yummy lunch in Maroubra and now we are home getting ready for the week. 

This is Oscar’s last week of schoolwork and we are in our official count down to our 40-day holiday (starting November 26).  Tuesday is the Melbourne Cup (a horse race that stops the nation) and it’s a really big deal here.  My office is celebrating and everyone is getting dressed up (guys in suits/ladies in dresses and with fascinators – big hats/bows in your hair!)  The plan is to work from 9-12 that day and then the festivities begin.  Lunch is being catered in and the race is at 3.  Then the entire office is going to a bar/pub at 4!  We are very excited to get all dressed up and pretend like we care about the Melbourne Cup : ).  I’ll be sure to put pictures up soon after! 


Well, that’s about it for now. 


Miss you all!  Don’t eat too much candy! : )



Piper and Oscar


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