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desde Australia para el mundo

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Sunday, September 26, 2010




I apologize to those of you who were depressed all week without my update.  I figured since the last one on Uluru was so long that I would give you a break :) After the amazing experience at Uluru it was back to reality. Oscar had school on Saturday and Sunday last weekend :( so that was a bummer, but it means that next weekend he doesn’t have any school and since Monday October 4 is a public holiday (Labor day here) we have a 3 day weekend next weekend : ).  

Anyway, we have been having fun in Sydney the past 2 weeks.  Spring is finally here and last weekend I packed away my winter clothes and treated myself to a pedicure! Last week I started my Spanish classes and I am loving it!  My teacher is from Colombia and her husband’s name is Oscar :).  I have 8 weeks of classes for the level 1 class. I think it’s good for me to go back over the basics and Oscar and I have been having fun practicing together. 

Some more exciting news is that we planned a trip to New Zealand!  We have been debating on whether we should go in the summer or wait until next winter, but we found some really good flights and booked it on a whim last week.  We really wanted to see NZ in the summer too.  We will be going to the south island and flying in and out of Christchurch.  We will be there for 8 days and will focus on seeing the glaciers, Milford sound, and maybe doing some extreme sports (white water rafting, canyoning, ski diving, bungee jumping???) in Queenstown.  Then two days after we get a back from NZ we fly to Fiji!  So, basically from November 26 until Jan 5 we will be traveling!  (Crazy…we know, but fun!)

This weekend we have been enjoying the beautiful weather and today we ventured out for a walk through Hyde Park (where they are holding the Art and About festival – basically art and activities throughout Hyde park for a month) and downtown to make our way to the Harbour Bridge.  We walked across the Harbour Bridge to Kiribilli and Luna Park.  The walk was beautiful and it was the perfect day with blue skys, tons of boats on the Harbor and a picture perfect view of the Opera House!  Luna Park was fun to see, but very touristy and expensive so we just walked around, took some pictures, and grabbed lunch at a little café.  We walked back over the bridge again, and then grabbed the 555 (free) bus to take us to Oxford Street to finish our walk home.  I think we walked about 8 km today!  

Now, we are back home, Oscar is doing some homework and I’m writing this blog.  Tomorrow I start my “She Fitness” classes.  They have this really cool website here that has awesome deals and I bought these workout classes.  For 2 months it’s only $29 and we work out in the park downtown!  I think I will enjoy working out outside and in a group class atmosphere, so we’ll see how it goes.  Hopefully, this will help me get ready for our trip to Fiji :). 

Oh, Oscar’s birthday is on Thursday (in case you want to send some love :).  Last night I surprised him by making a decadent chocolate mud cake and chocolate covered strawberries… yum!  Thursday we are celebrating by going to the Opera House to see The Marriage of Figaro.  We are very excited to see our first opera, especially in the Sydney Opera House!  We will let you know how it was next week. 

I’ve uploaded a few more pictures from around Sydney on Facebook if you’re interested.


Miss you all!

Con Amor,


Piper and Oscar


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