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All That's Great About Weekends in Berlin

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The capital city of Germany Berlin is also one of the largest among all its cities. One of the most picturesque locales of Germany the city of Berlin has a large number of parks, gardens, lakes, rivers and forest reserves that can make for a pleasant stay if you choose to go for a weekend in Berlin.

Well known as a world city Berlin is a center of cultural, political and economic affairs and that makes a strong presence not only in Europe but throughout the world as well. Berlin has a lot to offer as far its history and modern day life is concerned. This is a great city that gives you a unique look into the world of the past as well as the best of the modern world that there is.

Berlin Weekend Breaks

A weekend in Berlin can be an experience that consists of an eclectic mix of the old and the new. You will be spoilt for choice in Berlin when it comes to sightseeing or enjoying shopping or even tasting the culinary delights that the city has to offer you and your family.

Here are some of the activities that you can consider while you are in Berlin.

Sightseeing - There are a number of places to see in Berlin. You may want to see the following places while you are in this city.

  • Brandenburg Gate is the most famous among all the landmarks in Berlin. This impressive structure was built of sandstone in 1788.
  • The Marzahn Recreational Park was built in 1987 and has several facets for entertainment and enjoyments of all age groups of children and adults as well.
  • The Berlin cathedral which was the church of the Kaisers and a court of the royal family of Prussia.

Food - If you are done with sightseeing and enough of your weekend left make sure you do not forget on sampling some of the most noted German culinary delicacies in Berlin. There are a whole range of restaurants and cafes where you can find some of the best sausages and burgers along with several other mouthwatering items.

Entertainment - If you are traveling from another country for a weekend in Berlin then you should engage in activities in the city that will make it worth a memory.

  • Nightclubs - Berlin is known for a colorful and eventful nightlife. There are plenty of bars and nightclubs that you can go to for some of best beer and best music.
  • Paintball Shooting - If you are with friends and families then you have the option to try one of the most favorite leisure activities during a Berlin weekend. There are the options of dressing up in themes as you shoot down your opponents. These games that last for an hour and a half are accompanied by full gear and other equipments.

There is a difference between a weekend in Berlin with the same in any other city of the world. This is a city that offers a rare combination of the age old moving in coordination with the modern. You will be ensured of a weekend of new experiences and a wonderful trip to remember.

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All That's Great About Weekends in Berlin

Berlin, Germany