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Some Interesting Facts About Lisbon

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Fado's mournful notes, blue tiled walls, chestnut roaster's pungent smoke, cable-car bells, Castelo Sao Jorge's sun-warmed stones...there is much more about Lisbon city than this. Attractive Lisbon is the city for senses. Lisbon the largest capital city of Portugal, boasts population of about 663000 people. This beautiful city is ideally positioned on the active Tagus River and incorporates approximately 85 square kilometers.

Lisbon is not just like any other place, as it boasts its own list of some interesting facts. One of the most interesting facts about Lisbon is that the majority of the streets in Lisbon are white and black. People say the cause for this revolve around the supporter of Saint of Lisbon, Saint Vincent. It is said that white color represents white attire of Christian Crusaders that conquered the moors whereas the black color represents the black outfit worn by famous Saint Vincent. Another interesting fact is that the central river basin of the renowned Tagur Estuary stretches up to fourteen kilometers and is considered huge enough to encompass all warships of the world.

Lisbon is also dubbed as the town of seven steep hills, which comprises Castelo, Monte, Graca, S.Pedro de Alcantara, Penha de Franca, Estreal and Santa Catarina. Since it is situated on the seven vertical hills, sites from top of the hill take in the entire city. It makes Lisbon one of the most visually fascinating cities in Portugal. Lisbon is full of beauty and charm. One can also find numerous outstanding museums and buildings. One of the finest is the Tower of Belem which stands as the solitary fortress on the front of the famous Tagus River. Made in the year 1515, the tower is the significant sign of the role the Portuguese performed as European explorers. The prime purpose of the tower was to maintain the harbor, but from 16th to 19th century, it served as a secure unit. At present, it serves as the monument to Portugal's discovery age and it offers a stunning panoramic view of Lisbon.

Also, beneath the Lisbon downtown shopping area's streets lies a secreted Roman Underworld with rooms, corridors, chambers and bridges. Access to this mesmerizing world is separated by metal blocks on the top of Rua da Coneiao. One more fascinating fact about the city is that it was practically ruined on November 1st 1755 because of the massive earthquake that took lives of more than 35,000 inhabitants and was felt as distant as Norway and Scotland.

Apart from hiking, you can try one of its kinds like street elevator, The Ascensor de Santa Justa. This is the famous landmark that takes the passengers 45 meters up to the Chiado district from the Baxia elevator. An extremely huge statue of Christ the King (Cristo Rei) is placed on the river's left bank. This statue was made to commemorate the Portugal's survival of WWII devoid its unswerving involvement. An additional interesting site to visit is the Alfama. It is Lisbon's oldest section and is worth visiting if you wish to experience the full history of Lisbon.

Lisbon also possesses the Stadium of Light, the most famous and biggest soccer venue of Europe. In this stadium the main sporting team Benfica plays their home game. Lisbon is a city with something untypical and different; it is the unromantic old Europe.

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Some Interesting Facts About Lisbon

Lisbon, Portugal