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Prague - Czech Republic

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Prague is the largest city of Czech Republic and also is the capital of the country. Prague is Czech language is sometimes referred to "The golden city". The city is located in the centre of Bohemia on river Vltava. Prague since 1100 years has been the main center of political and cultural activities in all of Czech Republic. For a number of decades Prague was the home of two Holy Roman Emperors and was also the capital city of Roman Empire. For the local people of Prague it is common to think of the city which is referred to "mother of cities" because of its history and the time of existence.

Prague is one of the members in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site, which can easily be seen from the fact that according to 2009 statistics Prague per year receives about 4.1 million of tourists visiting the city from all around the world. The city is regarded as one of the most visited and popular destinations for tourists.

The city of Prague has about 1.2 million residents which according to a survey consider themselves as lucky to have a home in the beautiful city of Prague. The metropolitan area of the city is home to approximately 2 million people.

As the city of Prague is very rich in history and architecture so it has gained the value of being one the most important tourist's destinations in Europe. There are a number of beautiful architectures out of which some of them represent the Roman Empire era, and also new modern style buildings. Out of these built architectures "old town", "The astronomical Clock", and above of all these the famous Prague Castle which is the largest castle ever built by man in the world. The castle alone receives thousands of tourists in a single day. Among all these places the city also has the 7th best zoo in the world named as "Prague Zoo".

If we take a look at the climatic conditions then the city experiences winters from November till February. The temperature levels are really low and also the city receives high precipitations. Prague got its lowest ever temperature in January recorded as -27 degrees. The summer seasons are mostly the middle months of the year. Mostly from April to October but summers are also not very hot because overall the city has a cold climate.

Prague is a very strong city regarding culture as the city is host to many cultural events of Europe. Also it has many galleries and places which show a true picture of the culture of the city. There a number of theatres as well, out of which National Theatre is one of the biggest theatres of the world.

Economically Prague is a very strong region of Europe and is also believed among the 12 richest cities of Europe. The per capita income of Prague alone is double than that of the country as a whole. Prague significantly contributes in the total GDP of Czech Republic. The city generates most of its revenue from filming industry as its beautiful sights have proved themselves as a filming site for Hollywood films in the recent years.

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Prague - Czech Republic

Prague, Czech Republic