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Active Prague - Basic Info for Sportive Visitors of Prague

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Prague is a great place to live and a great place to visit. There are many things to do, to see, to experience, to try, to feel.... Prague keeps its magic throughout the centuries and everyone can find something to love about Prague.

If you are staying in the center of Prague, you can easily reach many places of interest by foot. That means that at the end of the day, the idea of doing some sport seems to many tourists a bit out of place. However, I believe there are sportive travelers coming to Prague and they might appreciate some tips. I considered places in or close to the center of Prague where most tourists stay.


The center is crowded and with lots of traffic most of working days. The best time to do some running is early in the morning between 7 and 10 am or in the evening after 6 pm. Weekends are better, there is much less traffic and less people. You can stay in the center or close to it and still find a good running trace. A good place to stay would be near Letna or Stromovka park. Other possibility would be near or at the embankment of Vltava river. If you run against the stream on the left embankment (not the Castle side) in direction to Podoli, you can easily run 10 km and back and I am sure you will be satisfied and definitely meet several co-runners on the way.
You can also come for Prague International Half Marathon usually first week in April or Prague International Marathon in May.


The municipal authorities boast how much they do to support cyclists by building cycling trails. Most active cyclists would definitely not agree with them. To use bike as an everyday transport is mainly for those who like adventure. Cyclists and drivers are not very good friends in Prague. However, you can easily get from the center either on bike or by metro. The best direction to cycle from the center is again along the river against the stream. It is also signed as a cycling trail. I would recommend a trail leading to Karlstejn Castle. You will enjoy nice countryside with several up-hills and down-hills. If you do not want to cycle back, you can return by train. The train leaves for Prague every 30 minutes. As for a bike itself, you can rent it, it is not necessary to bring it with you.

In-line skating

This activity became very popular. There are several suitable places like Letna, Stromovka or Podoli (embankment). You have to expect many in-line skaters there.


There are swimming pools (25 m) in several hotels opened for public (e.g. Axa hotel) or in fitness centers (e.g. YMCA) located right in the center.
The most popular swimming pool is close to the center in Podoli (by the river). There is a 50 m long swimming pool both inside and outside.


Czech people like tennis and that's why there are quite a lot of tennis courts around Prague. Very close to the center there are Stvanice tennis courts located by the river. You can also play tennis in Vysehrad and Podoli or on the opposite side of the river in Smichov (Erpet center). You should bring your own tennis racket or a buy one in Prague, which is not a problem.


Squash is popular mainly in autumn and winter. Squash courts are either in big fitness centers or squash centers. As for the center, you can play squash in Hastalska street 20 or Vaclavske namesti 15. Popular places not far from the center are e.g. Factory Pro or Erpet centrum.

Fitness centers

You can find both small and big fitness centers in the center of Prague. Most of them have English speaking staff. Especially the big international ones offer high standard and no crowds.

Prague is an active city for those who want to be active. You will enjoy Prague's old beauty and atmosphere while practicing your favorite sport.

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Active Prague - Basic Info for Sportive Visitors of Prague

Prague, Czech Republic