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World Wide Short Break

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The capital of Germany Berlin is an ideal destination for short breaks. It not only has a fascinating history with sites such as the Brandenburg Gate and the Berlin Wall but also offers the tourist much in the way of nightlife and cuisine. Berliners love to party and as a visitor you have the choice to experience excellent bars and lively nightclubs. For those mornings after there is also a wealth of parks and green spaces in which to while away the hours relaxing and watching the world go by.

Amsterdam should also be included on a list of destinations for short breaks. Whilst it is renowned for its relaxed attitude to drugs and colorful red light district there is more to this city than hedonistic pleasures. The gorgeous canal network and massive array of nightclubs and pubs mean going out in the evening is always great fun. The museums, flower markets and even the house of Anne Frank also provide the visitor with a cultural element to balance the party atmosphere.

Barcelona should be considered purely for the fabulous architecture within the city. The city owes much to architectural genius Antonio Gaudi and his touches are ever present as you tour Barcelona. As well architectural delights a fabulous cuisine and relaxed atmosphere to late night revelry make Barcelona a worthy contender for short breaks.

Warsaw is certainly a destination for the history buffs and those with a love of culture. Drama and theatre form a strong element in the identity of the city, showcased by the National Theatre and Grand Theatre within Warsaw. As well as the theatre, there is also a range of historical and architectural attractions for those with a penchant for information.

Finally, a little further afield is the city of Athens. The ancient ruins of the Acropolis and the hustle and bustle of the city create a heady mix of the old and new. As the seat of power during the time of Ancient Greece, Athens is renowned not only for the ancient ruins but also an upbeat attitude to life and some wonderful cuisine.

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