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10/18 :) Good day

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It's already been a month and half. I can't believe it. I've been feeling like Paris is more my home than a vacation destination. I really love my friends, the city, and just being able to wake up everyday and be where I am. It's so surreal. Just being here I learn so much everyday, different perspectives, international ways of doing things, and a lot about myself. In order to develop an opinion on something you need to know who you are and what you stand for. Especially when I first arrived Paris, I didn't know really how to answer those questions definitively. It's very easy to agree or disagree with something but to have a definitive opinion on everyday issues and events you really have to ask yourself where you stand, have an educated opinion.

Went to the Pompidou museum by myself on Sunday :) LOVED it. I think that one will forever be my favorite museum for sure.

Started walking to school everyday with my friend from school. SO much prettier than taking the metro: p but I'm also getting a better sense of direction and street names. I usually know where I'm going without even looking at a map! (not always, but I try :) 

Maybe it's just today but I feel a lot more driven to conquer French. I really want to learn as much as possible. French is such a difficult language but I'm trying.

Getting back to studying but excited for what tomorrow brings :)




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Paris, France