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Saturday Morning, 9/25

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I just booked my ticket to Morocco! Hana and I have a week break inbetween finishing finals at the Sorbonne and having our last day at ABS. Hana being the amazing lady she is, was looking up cool places for us to go to in the meantime. We found round trip fares to Morocco, IN DECEMBER, for only 68Euros!! yay!! It's going to be such an amazing trip! Plus it's going to be freezing in Paris around that time but Morocco's weather will most likely be only in the 70's! So excited :D
Also, uploaded some pictures of the strike march that took place on thursday (9/23). Headlines such as "French workers strike, throng streets in new showdown with Sarkozy over raising retirement age" were all over the streets. It was really crazy because I knew that the strike was going on but I wasn't aware of exactly where the march was taking place. All I knew was that, since the metro's were striking too -_-*, that it was going to be a huge crowd of people the whole day...was not looking forward to having to catch the metro home from school.
Anyways, so before class I looked up where the nearest Post Office la poste was in paris and I found one in the Odeon district. When I got off the metro stop I saw all of these police blocking the streets, insane car traffic and crowds of people. Then I started to hear chanting. It was really bizarre. When I heard the chanting I continued walking towards it. Then I came upon the strike march, the line of people, block to block, went on for miles. Look at the pictures and video's I uploaded. I was so happy that I ran into the march by mistake. It was definitly a priceless cultural experience, so glad I got to be a part of it :)
After watching the march for a little bit I finally found the Post Office, so people should be expecting some postcards soon! <3

I love Paris,



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Paris, France