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Monday, monday, monday... (9/13)

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Just got home not too long ago. The metro and me have been having a love/ hate relationship lately. I use him everyday but you never know what he might pull on you!...however, we've been getting along all day today! so that was nice, haha. I'm enjoying school a lot, it's very intensive work, and very fast, but everything I'm learning is useful to my everyday communication skills here, so I have a huge motivation to do well. I'm enjoying the challenge. Also since I'm not working, the first time in what seems like forever, I'm actually able to focus entirely on studying without having to worry about 52309482030948gagillion other things, who would've thought?! I was talking with my roomate, hana, about that the other day. Both of us work a lot, whether it be the summer before we came here or during the school semesters, so we've both been really enjoying ourselves, relaxing. I think that's why I've been able to absorb all of the experiences that I've had so far, because it's such a drastic change from being busy every second of ever, to actually being able to sit down, enjoy a cafe, and appreciate the view. 
It's really amazing.
My friend from hawaii, aubrey, who was with me for the first week of my stay in Paris, is currently in Whales. She's going to be in London at the end of this month so I'm going to visit her for the weekend :) Currently, I'm looking for good prices on tickets, which I'm sure will be doable. I just need to stay on a tight budget before I leave to see her.
I went to the grocerie store today aujourd'hui and bought sandwhich bread and other vegetables, cheese (sooooo good here), and some Jambon and Tuna to make for my lunches. If I can stick to only eating what I buy at the beginning of the week for my lunches, instead of just buying something delicious and amazing everyday when I'm hungry, then I will definitely be more comfortable in me being able to go visit other countries. I just have to keep telling my stomach to not eat all of my money so I don't miss out on other adventures! haha.
Okie. Going to continue working on my homework les devoirs for the evening.


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Paris, France