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apres le dinee (after dinner) 9/6/10

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So for dinner tonight we had salad greens called un roquette with a dijon mustard mutarde dressing sauce along with a side of radishes radis and side butter and peice of baguette. It was something that I would have never put together myself but it was unexpectedly very refreshing and delicious. Then she brought out this delicious looking plate with meat and potatoes. The potatoes had been boiled and lightly seasoned with herbs and butter. The meat was seasoned with rosemary, salt, pepper, and dijon mustard...soooooooo good. It wasn't until half way into the meal that I found out what kind of meat it was. I would've never guessed but it was rabbit le poulet! It was so delicious. I learned that apparently rabbit meat is actually very healthy for you because of how lean it is, even healthier and more lean than chicken! It was very interesting c'etais tres interessante. Then for dessert we had fried bananas des bananes with raison raisin filled vanilla ice cream. OMG, melt in your mouth good. After dinner I rolled myself out of the dining room haha. At the dinner table my roomate hana and I are always learning new phrases and about new things.
Tomorrow is my first day at the Sorbonne. Gotta get some rest.


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Paris, France