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daytime adventure ! 9/6/2010

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I just got back from grocery shopping. I was going to go on my normal route - rue de la pelleport- or - rue de le menlliloment- but I was feeling confident in my sense of direction today so I went down all different kinds of streets until I ended up in rue de la Belleville which luckily I'm familar with. Bellville is a trendy area with lots of different markets and restaurants. I didn't know what I wanted to buy as far as food for home lunches or snacks but I've been craving some Hawaiian kine grindz soooo badly. I wasn't able to bring all the snacks I wanted for myself because of the weight situation for the airplane ride over, I figure the less food I bring =  the more clothes I can bring= I fit into my clothes better because then I won't have more food! yay!! But then I came here, and don't get me wrong, the food here is AMAZING, but I'm trying to not endulge myself entirely in carbalicious-heaven every minute of my day, haha.
Anyway, I'm walking on Belleville looking for a market and I see an asian market!!! yayyy!! I bought wasabi peas, nori, udon, rice, miso soup, green onion, tofu, soy sauce (light :D ), sriracha chili sauce (yay!), and arare mix!!! i'm sooooo happy!!! my breath is going to be so stink but I don't care, it'll keep the men away haha. You never know what you can find, Paris is such an international city, I think the only thing that I won't be able to find is ahi poke. ummm yeah, I think I'll survive! ;)

excited for dinner. Marie makes the best combination of french foods everrrrrr!


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Paris, France