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Halloweeeeeen Time

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So this was my first halloween being married.. it was a blast!!!

my wife was able to get a shit load of people into club tabu on sat night without waiting in line.. so that was much props for the hookups! hahaha.. the club was cool - it is actually glaskat.. and the parties that i have been to there have always been predominantly asian.. and it was no different this time around...

my in-laws came as well! 2 aunts came from abbeys side and were tearing up the pole as you can see from the pics!

the costume contest was fun.. was not very organized, cuz if it were we would have totally won hahahah... but much deservingly the guy dressed up as a fairy with the big belly won sexiest!! hahahaha hilarious =)

i was super sick the previous night.. ate moonstar buffet - it was good, but man i think i mustve ate something bad cuz i was throwing up all night! geez... but i felt better the next day and was not going to let anything get in the way of celebrating halloween with my wife and our friends...

Club Tabu

Things to do
  •  3 bars with 2 areas of music
  • for those who smoke there is a designated smoking room 
  •  dance on the pole with your family! hahaha
Points of interests
  •  we got a table which was very much needed - nice to have our own space
  •  all the different people dressed up! (i saw a guy who dressed up as a home-made robot)
Food and Entertainment
  • drinks were pretty good 
  •  music was alright
  •  all about the company!!


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Halloween in San Francisco

San Francisco, United States