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Enjoy Sunny Beach Holidays in Riga!

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Riga is the vacation capital of Latvia and is one of the most developed cities. It is connected through well developed motorways and serves Latvia as a commercial hub. The city of Liepaja has alluring beaches, too, although it is more popular for its party scene. The third largest city in Latvia, Liepaja plays host to the country's annual rock festival and largest beach party, so make sure you stop by for a night of dancing and mingling with the local crowd during your summer holidays in Latvia. Head out to Jurmula, the country's premier coastal resort just beside Riga, where you can enjoy swimming and sunbathing, or relax while enjoying breathtaking views at Cape Kolka.

The city of Riga is entwined in history and rich culture. This makes Riga one of the most desired luxury holiday spots. Riga is a city which has a great historical significance. Its historic centre, a must see place, has been declared as a world heritage site by UNESCO. Riga offers you the best of everything right from hotels to food. The luxury hotels in Riga come with a heavy price tag but it's worth every penny. These luxury hotels offer you several packages like the Romantic Package, Cultural Package and the Winter Saver package. Choose a hotel with a sea side view and enjoy Riga's maritime activities.There are also several summer festivals you can attend while in Latvia. The biggest festival is the Jani festival, which is a public holiday in Latvia celebrating the summer solstice. During the Jani festival, there are bonfires and flea markets. It is also the local tradition to wear wreaths and pick herbs.

Riga has to offer numerous activities to offer for a tourist. A visit to Latvian National Opera or Latvian Philharmonic Concerts at Big Guild, great nightlife and a lot of museums to visit. Tourists can buy souvenirs like amber and wool socks on central market and small stands throughout the Old Riga. If you are looking for Soviet era items at bargain prices there is a market Latgalite. Located near the Old Town, this flea market has soviet military uniforms, hats, medals and pins. In the center of Riga and Old Town a lot of art galleries can be found.Being the most vibrant and cosmopolitan city of the Baltics, Riga has countless opportunities for tourists. In general Riga is a quiet and safe city where you are unlikely to have any trouble and will spend a wonderful vacation. On the whole Riga is a very pleasant place to be for a vacation. The sights and sounds of Riga are something to be experienced up front.

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Things to see in Riga, Latvia!

Riga, Latvia