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College Sport USA's Calvin Bond on his first game for Limestone College

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Had first game there on Tuesday night. Was an incredible night. We were playing against D1 school Gardner Webb at their ground. Facilities there were brilliant. Got to be one of the best pitches I've ever played on as well.

It was such a surreal night. Everything over here is done so different to back home. Lining up for the national anthems before the game, being called out over the announcer before the game and all the shaking hands with the other team and the referees. Also over 400 people there apparently. It was a great night.

We drew 0-0 but we played really well together for our first game as a team. I played pretty well aswell. Played the full 90 minutes at left back which was good. Was a tiring night but I loved it.

I like the style of play over here a lot more to back home already. The parks are all massive so there's so much space and time when your on the ball. Yet its still fast flowing and lots of good passing movements. Although Gardner Webb seemed to be quite a punt up the park team. There players were much bigger, stronger and quicker than ours but with the ball they weren't any better at all. Guess its the physical aspect which separates D1 and D2.

Anyway just thought I'd let you know as you showed an interest in how we I am doing. Really appreciate it. Things are going great over here really loving it. Hopefully have a great season ahead!

Thanks again for this great opportunity!

Mon the Saints! Haha.



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College Sport USA: 2010 Players: Calvin Bond

Limestone College, Gaffney, South Carolina, United States