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College Sport USA's Wayne Simpson writes to us from his new home in Oklahoma

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When I arrived on the 4th August I was very nervous but when two of the lads from the team picked me up from the airport I knew I would be at home straight away.

It was hard to say goodbye to friends and family but I knew that this was a great opportunity and an experience that I will carry with me throughout my life.

I spent a busy first week of my new life enrolling for college classes and meeting the rest of the lads and getting a feel of my surroundings and getting to know where everything is.

One thing I noticed straight away was that the game out here is taken so seriously and is cared about by a lot of people and has a massive profile now, the playing surface out here at my university is amazing and we all had to get our pictures and mini interviews done for the media guide & website.

Pre season training started and for someone who thought they worked hard before I travelled out to the States, I was soon put in my place and realised that I was way off the pace set by the American lads.

But no matter how hard it is its only going to make me a better player and person, as long as you put one hundred percent effort in that’s all my coaches here ask and something which will be expected from anyone on a soccer scholarship.

In you’re mind you constantly think about home and your family and friends, I know there will be tough times from being home sick and I probably will have tough days but I know that I have a lot of people in the same boat as me and there is always advice or someone to discuss things whenever I want and my team mates are just like a family where everyone takes care of each other so you get a lot of comfort from that and the fact that staying in touch with family and friends back home is so easy with the internet.

Now I have settled in which only took a few days, I am in an environment where I am happy and am receiving great support from everyone not only here but at home too. I am not only picking up skills from football everyday but also from being independent. That I will take with me throughout my life.

I am now in regular contact with the staff at CollegeSport USA giving them updates on my progress, and all the other lads from the class of 2010 who are living the dream just like me accross the States. We all manage to stay in touch which is a brilliant part of coming through the College Sport system.

I can not wait for fixtures to start in a couple of weeks and show what I can do….

Wayne Simpson, USAO


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College Sport USA: 2010 Players: Wayne Simpson

USAO, Oklahoma , United States