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Planning the trip

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This is the celebration trip for Ray’s 70th birthday.  We will be making a loop through SE Asia and will take about 3 months from October 20th 2010 through January 2011.  LL, Srin, DD and Liz will join us after Christmas in Lijiang.  This is also my first attempt to keep a journal online to share with friends and family. 




10/20/2010   Lv STL to Shanghai, maybe catch a glance of Expo

11/01/2010   We will dance in Shanghai oldest dance club 百乐门for Ray's BD

11/02/2010   Heading to Taiwan for World's Flora exhibition

11/11/2010   Visiting Randy and Yollie in Phillippines

11/18/2010   Observing Organutan and visiting Ubud in Bali.  May have to give a talk in Jarkata

11/29/2010   Travel to Melaka, KL and Penang in Malaysia

12/08/2010   Passing through Thailand to get to Laos

12/12/2010   Laos is one of the focal points of this trip.  

12/22/2010   Cross the boarder to Yunnan

12/29/2010   DD & Liz arrive Lijiang from HK

12/31/2010   LL & Srin arrive Lijiang from Toronto

01/01/2010   Celebrating the New Year in Yunnan

01/03/2010   Visiting Tarracotta in Xian

01/05/2010   DD & Liz heading back via Shanghai

01/12/2010   LL & Srin heading back

01/15/2010   If Todd and Karen join us, we will be going to Fuzhou to visit Chen Qiang

01/15/2010    Ray heading back home


As for me?  I may stay back in Asia for the warm weather and may give more talks.  I sure am not in a hurry to get back to the sub-zero winter weather of Columbia MO  


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