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to Florance

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Today was KL’s b-day.  He was glad to have the day off.  Hahaha…the day off from vacation!  We drove into Florence for lunch.  They have a cute old town section but it’s very congested and packed with people.  We decided not to eat there and while driving back on the 101 KL spotted “it”.  The Hotrod Café.  It was interesting…definitely a step above his b-day meal last year in Winterset, Iowa, but not by much!  The sea of turquoise formica and glass block were forgivable, but there’s no excuse for that food!  Today we had the perfect weather!  About 70 degrees and a sunny perfect day.  We came back to the camp ground to relax and enjoy it.   We had a nice long walk on the beach and I was able to talk Kl out of bringing back a huge piece of drift wood! 


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