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Portland Day 11

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Today was the biggest navigational challenge KL has ever faced.  I’m challenged in this respect but I’ve never seen KL have a problem finding his way.  The trip trying to find the hwy was character testing and included maneuvers like an illegal U turn on a busy community college campus.  Once on the right track, to Alissa and Russ’s, we were able to use our map quest directions to guide us.  Only problem was the estimated mileage map quest provided.  5 miles was actually more like 10 and we got nervous and had to phone Alissa to guide us in.  They had mentioned they live in the country, but even we weren’t prepared for the ride up the hill on the logging road.  This road makes the Ice Road Truckers look like amateurs!  We wimped out and left the truck and trailer pulled off the side of a dirt road and Alissa drove down to get us. 

Unfortunately Russ was out of town but we were able to have a nice visit with Alissa.  They have several acres and their home is perched on a hill top over looking Taulatin.  Their home is beautiful and the property obviously requires a lot of work.  I don’t know how they’ve managed all of it in such a remote area with three kids!  They even have their own chickens and we were given a gift of a dozen fresh eggs!  Two were green so we plan to purchase a ham steak to eat with them!  She drove us back down and we continued down the logging road that finally took us to the 8 and to the coast.  We drove to a nice campground in LincolnCity and have set up camp for the evening


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