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Paint your wagon and come along!

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This was a great day!  Thank you John for suggesting we check out BakerCity!  Lots of history and oozing with charm.  The only thing missing is a liquor store.  We ate lunch at the old hotel.  On the table they had a flyer with the history of the hotel.  Paint Your Wagon was filmed in the BakerCity area and the actors stayed at the hotel during the filming.  The towns’ people report to us that Lee Marvin had quite the time here in BakerCity.  After the actors checked out in ’68, the hotel closed down.  7 million was gathered and in ’93 a restoration began.  The hotel reopened in ’98.  This was all especially interesting to us because Paint Your Wagon is one of our favorite movies…and we just happened to bring the dvd with us on vacation.  It’s a must watch for tonight’s entertainment!

We also visited the InterpretativeCenter.  We decided if we were to cross the US in a covered wagon we would want one of the wagons that have the shock springs under the seat as opposed to the seats just nailed to the side edges.

It was a great day but our anxiety is increasing with the decreasing size of the pullaway! 



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