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Day 5

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Today’s travels took us to Boise, Id.  It’s unfortunate that the scenery between Twin Falls and Boise is more barren than anything we saw in Nevada!  We found our way to a campground that’s between the main hwy and the airport.  It’s very noisy, especially when the helicopters go over, but if you put the TV up loud enough you don’t really notice.  The city is one of those with all one way streets so we found it difficult to navigate.  We couldn’t find the mom & pop Mexican joint KL located on the computer so we gave up and decided to go to Chilies.  Of coarse Chilies was on the other side of the one way street, one of those you can’t get there from here, and in an attempt to circle the block to get back to Chilies we found the mom & pop Mexican joint!  Fabulous!  We stuffed ourselves silly so no need for dinner tonight.  ESPN is in town for the big game this weekend….The Boise St. Broncos are going to be playing some other team and there are signs and paraphernalia being sold everywhere! 

The pullaway situation is getting to a critical stage!


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