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Day 3...Crackhead Sunset

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Today was excellent!  It started with KL winning $100 on last nights football game.  The ride to Winnemucca was extremely desolate and uneventful.  No real estate information was gathered for this location because, well to be kind to Winemuccans, let’s just say you would need to be very hardy stock to live there.  We pulled into our campground about 2pm.  The campground was full of permanent spots which we have learned is not a good sign.  It was a set of these spots that lead up to the crack head sunset.  I prepared dinner and we sat staring out the back window watching the show.  Across from us a pickup pulled up and was there for quite some time, motor running the entire time.  The driver gave the trlr occupant a couple of suit cases and eventually went on his way, meantime there was something going on in the trlr a few doors down.  This trlr was labeled “hornet” so we call it the hornets next.  Anyway, there was a lot of activity in and around the hornets nest, one of the crackhead hornets angrily got in his truck to storm off and apparently forgot his vehicle was still hooked to the trlr which was hooked up to camp amenities and the stabilizers were down.  This caused the other hornets to begin hollering at him.  They began frantically unhooking the truck.  A lot of hollering ensued.  At some point trlr occupant #1 gave the suitcases to one of the gals in the hornets nest.  Shortly there after a cab pulled up and the suit cases were loaded into the trunk and the dark haired female hornet road off.  Never did see what happened to her male counter part.  The truck, finally free of the nest, drives off and all is quiet, but the show wasn’t over.  Next thing we know there’s a police officer beating on the door.  “Police open up!”    He pulls something off his utility belt and starts beating on the nest with it, walking around the entire nest and hollering for the door to be opened.  He gives up and sends his partner to try.  Blondie inside is the girlfriend of the mad truck driver and he’s now back. Blondie hollers out the window to the officer that she’s going to call 911.  He tells her “please do”.  She finally comes out.  The police have been here for hours.  It was a beautiful crackhead sunset and we may never know what’s going on!


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