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Birdsville races

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Well really this is just still preparations!!!!!!    John has been under the car all week. He has mounted the "new' bull bar ( photos to come)  and is now in the middle of "doing" new back springs.

I thought I'd better contribute to this trip so I said in a weak moment that I'd pay for new front springs as we have pulled the caravan around for two years and of course it's the law of the jungle ----- survival of the fittest soooo new front springs --next week.

I think there has been a change of route due to the prolonged rains.

Simpson Desert and Regional and Conservational Reserves are now open.

Eyre Creek detour is flooded and is still flowing at .5m - allowing careful travel with vehicles with high clearance --4WD

Dalhousie Springs to Mt. Dare requires special passes.

Mt. Dare to Finke is apparently a "good run" --- everything is comparable eh? It has recently been graded and there's 10kms of new road through Charlotte Waters Hooo!!!!Who!!!!

Purnie Bore to Freeth Junction is slow and rough. Fancy that!!!!! Desert Packs Pass is needed and it takes 2 hours to go the 70 kms.

Poeppel Corner to Purnie along the French Line is a 15 - 20 kms per hr run and 16 hrs to do 195 kms.

 We may take the less demanding Rig Road & K1 Purnie from Poeppel corner 16 hrs for 399 kms. This K1 (whatever that is) is a good run .

There is some talk of a QAA Line tfrom Poeppel Corner and a southern detour of the Eyre Creek which has just opened after "the wet" but there is still .5 m of water across the creek.

I guess this will completely confuse you as it does me.

Preparation Photos later!!!!!  



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Birdsville Races

Brisbane, Australia