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Journey to Himalayan Kingdom - Kathmandu

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For a long time I had always wanted to go to Tibet. But it's one of those places you hear so much about and it seems there is so much red tape in getting there, it's all too hard! It does not have to be like that, for me when I got around to it, it was a simple matter of booking an overland tour from Kathmandu! It was all too easy and what followed for one of the best 14 day overland journeys I have ever had.

The best time to visit Tibet and the Himalayas is in summer (June-July-August). Then you can enjoy an intense sunlight, hot temperature, local festivals and an amazing scenery. It is ice-cold in winter which lasts from October till May - not recommended.

Winter is when I was there and although very cold, averaging between -10C to 5C, it is bearable. It is particularly dry in Tibet so remaining warm is a matter of protecting yourself against the very cold air as opposed to being concerned with snow and ice. When moisture is present, it is much more difficult to stay warm because moisture speeds up heat transfer.

Getting to Kathmandu for family holidays is fairly simple via Tribhuvan International Airport. Once you've arrived, walking, taxis and bike-driven rickshaws will get you from point A to point B with efficiency and for little money. No matter which type of transport you choose, understand that prices are all negotiable and should be agreed upon before services are rendered. For trips outside the city, consider taking reputable bus lines or flights, depending on distances you wish to travel.

Swayambhu - Located just a few kilometers outside of Katmandu. Swayambhu is a large stupa (or mound-like burial structure) located on a hill overlooking portions of the city. This stupa is considered to be one of the most holy in all of Nepal. Religious ceremonies are still held here today.

Nepal is a beautiful country and a cheap place to visit. With so much on offer, from some of the worlds oldest temples, trekking in the Himalayas, rafting, kayaking, horse riding, cycling, or just lounging around lakes. 



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