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City Breaks in Riga

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The capital city of Latvia, situated on the Baltic Sea coast, is fast becoming one of Europe's most popular cities for tourists and it's not hard to see why. Riga has plenty to offer from history to culture, from shopping to nightlife.


When holidaying in this part of the world, one needs to understand the terrain and plan accordingly. Listed below are five things that a tourist, may want to see while on holiday to Riga.

Aglona Basilica is a church which was built in 1699, it still stands tall welcoming visitors into its walls. The rich architecture and beautifully crafted windows and doors are what make this place so beautiful. People come here to see the icon of the Virgin Mary, who is said to have saved Aglona from the plague that hit the country.

Paris, Milan and Barcelona may be the fashion capitals of Europe but that's not to say you won't find some fabulous designer gear elsewhere - and Latvia is no exception. But for more interesting pieces head to the Old Town where you will find specialist shops and stalls.

Riga is a haven for backpackers with its vast range of youth hostels and budget hotels. This means that despite the large amount of accommodation on offer, it is essential to reserve in advance in summer. Try Franks Backpackers Hostel in Old Riga which is clean, bright and extremely welcoming. Before you go, ensure you are covered for all eventualities by investing in Backpackers' Insurance.

There are many romantic places out there where you can spend your holidays with your partner. Riga, Prague, Budapest and many other cities have attracted visitors from all over the world who have truly felt the glamour of romance. The romantic climate and the pleasant atmosphere takes you and your lover into a completely wonderful world of romance. You don't realize how morning turned to evening and how days just turned to nights. The architectural monuments that depict art nouveau of the 19th century brings you extreme joy to explore this attractive nation


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