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City Breaks in Barcelona

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Barcelona is well known for its fantastic shopping, beaches and of course Gaudi, But the nightlife in Barcelona  is also amazing hanks to the mix of students, foreigners, and tourists all looking for a good night out. There are lots of different styles of bars and clubs all located in the centre, with some of these even having proper restaurants, rather than just bar snacks. And like any major city in Spain, there are also some fantastic nightclubs and late night entertainment venues right through from hip hop and R&B to live Funky House DJ's, all of which make you wish there were more hours in the day!

The streets of Barcelona are studded with world-class clubs and bars. There is a pub at every turn and curve of the road, where you can enjoy different music and ambience. Barcelona nightlife is also famous for its live music and you can dance the night away to the songs played by some highly promising bands.

It seems Barcelona never really wanted to offer the cheap 2 week holiday and instead opted for the more reputable tourist. However this all changed after the Barcelona Olympics in 1992, and it is safe to say Barcelona is now one of the most visited European cities visited by tourists looking for some serious fiesta.

For many people, the nightlife of a city begins with its restaurants - and, here again, Barcelona loses nothing in comparison with any other European city. Being an international port has always meant that there are many different nationalities in the Catalan capital city and so most international cuisines are represented here. Whether your tastes are Oriental, Middle Eastern, American or European, you will be sure to find good restaurants to satisfy them. In addition, Catalan cuisine itself - the food of the sea and mountains, as it is often known - goes back to the thirteenth century and is Mediterranean cooking at its absolute finest.  

Containing a good number of types of cheap Barcelona hotel, Port Vell is located in the east of Barcelona. Diners will be treated to picturesque ocean views from the windows and terraces of the restaurants here, while there are also a good number of nightclubs and bars to choose from.

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