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City Break to Venice

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The ideal place for small breaks, Venice is perhaps the most gorgeous and idealistic town in Europe. It is actually an astonishing destination, this floating town is one of Italy's riches and has enthused and stimulated artists, singers, poets and writers for many decades. Its churches and museums are house to invaluable works of art and its collapsing buildings only add to the added sophisticated feeling that trickles from the zigzag passageways and flowing canals.

However, before booking your holiday to Venice, you should note that the city is expensive! From dining out to taking a relaxing coffee break at St. Mark's Square. Moreover, this also applies to the accommodation market. In general, a 3-star hotel will normally provide the average guest with all the comfort necessary for a relaxing and enjoyable stay.

Venice is a unique city with lots of sights to see. Don't miss to take traditional boat to enjoy the enchanting and lovely canals. I would suggest you to travel during spring and autumn season and if you can visit during Christmas and popular carnival in February, then it adds more worth to visit.

The most unique aspect about Venice is the famous canals that connect the 116 islands of this city through 409 bridges. Your children will love the gondola rides and will enjoy exploring the interesting features of the canals of Venice. Spending some time at the Lido means beach fun for the children, and you should also take your family to see the beautiful churches and palaces in the city.

In terms of when you should visit Venice with your family, the period between September and April is advisable. Most families prefer not to go to Venice in the summer, because it can get uncomfortably hot. The period from September to March is a good time to travel to Venice, and in April, the city is at its best. February sees carnival time in Venice, so you should go then if you'd like to be a part of the celebrations.

Ever since its credited days Venice has not changed so much, its magnificent medieval constructions are jammed in a time twist that no one dare challenge or upset. An ultimate city for tiny breaks Venice is very compact and ideal for walking but you can get lost among the city's snaky lanes.  

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