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Update 1

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Hi all,

We're still in Phi Phi at the moment, having a bowl of fresh museli and milk... well muesli and cream.... The clouds have parted and we're having our first day of some glorious sunshine, just as well we're not travelling!

Last night was a bit surreal, we got caught in a mini monsoon on our way back to the hotel (well a shack with a roof) and when abbie was in the shower we had a power cut... luckily we brought a torch! We mossie sprayed up outside to an audience of cockroaches got into bed and fell asleep.

Shortly we were to wake up in Ibiza about midnight. The music from the bars and clubs was so loud we both bolted upright and spend the next couple of hours complaining until we were too tired to complain any longer!

We semi-woke up about 9 and made our way back to the pier to get a long boat down to Viking Resort (check it out online if you can, although the pictures don't really do it any justice). It's in the middle of two awesome and deserted beaches and a short trek through the wilderness of the palm and coconut trees from Phi Phi town, Abbie claims to see a snake too..... the wildlife is amazing, crabs, fresh fish and a load of things we can't pronounce or spell. Hope you've got onto tripntale ok because the views, wildlife and food is just indescribable and I doubt the photos look as good as real life! We're staying at the viking resort today, they have little bungalow/treehouses overlooking the most amazing sea with hammocks!! hoping to chill out there tonight with a beer or two or three....

We're hoping to get a long boat over to monkey island today to see all the monkeys!! should be cool, looking forward to that, will take plenty of photos for you to be jealous over!

We thought of dropping an email today because we'll be heading for Penang tomorrow to eat our body weight in malaysian food. Havent got the foggiest how we're getting there yet but I'm sure we'll work it out ok. We'll drop you an email when we get to Penang and let you know how it's going. Hope all is well at home and will speak to you soon.

Lots of love

Abbie and Emyr



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