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Just a start!!!! Have only arrived home after 2 years on the road. Joanne, John's daughter and husband Byron have suggested we head off in their holiday beginning at the end of August and that we "do" the Simpson Desert.

 Although we have "done " the cape by tag-a-long  we are really attacking something entirely different. I think John is excited and I am apprehensive.

 It will be COLD at the end of August in the desert and naturally there will be lots of sand. We have been bogged in sand briefly at Cape Leveque in N.W.Australia but this will be something else again. Sooooo - - we are looking at this with different eyes. John is now considering  a long range fuel tank, tomorrow he is putting on a bull-bar and he is looking into a new set of springs. There is advice that one should NOT drag a camp-a-van so we will be tenting.

Our plan at the moment is to leave at the end of August and go through Quilpie and Windorah and to attend the Birdsville Races before going south along the Birdsville Track and then turn west somewhere near Clifton Hills along the Rig Road hence the name of my blog - "Rigours of Rig Road"   


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Aussie Outback

Brisbane,Toowoomba, Roma, Charleville, Quilpie, Windorah, Birdsville , Australia