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Pampered by Van Soestbergens

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We spent three glorious days in Gainesville with my favourite family the Van Soestbergens. Their house is a delight and they stored us in the little cottage in the backyard where Mark usually lives. Indigo was in 7th heaven with skinks and bugs to chase, rabbits in the living room, two wild cats (where abouts mostly unknown), a beatiful Bouvier named Kuma and six chickens of which one liked to be held and patted. Luke was in 7th heaven because there was a massive pool and Ria doesn't make him eat or do anything he doesn't want to. I was in 7th heaven because we got to eat healthy home cooked food and I got intelligent, occasionally anarchistic conversation - I like all the stuff the kids like too!

Apart from sleeping in, we went to a prairie to see alligators, I ate some alligator in a taco salad, went to the living butterfly exhibit at the Natural History museum and discovered Publix - like a really better Coles.

After three nights, they pried my arms from the tree I was refusing to let go of, and sent us on our way, well nourished in mind and body.

We are now staying with the 4th Van Soestbergen, Marcia, in Port Orange, just outside Daytona Beach.

We are still sleeping in but also managed to go to the beach, swim in the surf, feed a little alligator hot dogs (not at the beach!) and eat pancakes. They also have a pool that its hard to pry the children out of, a Bouvier (the brother of Mama's),a wild cat from the same litter which I have seen, briefly, and the most awesome parrot who will talk with me but not let me touch him. Indigo has again found herself in skink heaven and added a toad to her collection of creatures.

Can't believe there's only two sleeps left. Tomorrow we're going to a water park that has a billion other things going on too and playing putt putt at an amazing putt putt place with air planes, volcanoes and ships. Its kids day.

I think I love America!


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