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How ya'all doing?

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We are now firmly esconced in the south. I have developed a drawl, hope everyone has a great day ya'all, walk real slow to conserve energy and may even have praised Jesus in a weak moment. We have spent two days sitting in Mildred's parlour with 'Little House on the Prairie' playing for 27 episodes solid on the ever wholesome Hallmark channel. I now know that if a girl gets herself in a family way before marriage, even if it was through a rape by a masked man, she has to have a nasty accident and die - there aint no unwed mothers in LH on the P.

We have met many family members who have dropped in, watched a little LH on the P with us, and mosied off again. We haven't eaten any grits or collared greens but have sampled many fine establishments in Tifton where our hotel is.

Yesterday was 'Sip & Stroll' day in Ocilla where you visit participating merchants for a taste of their specialty beverage and vote on your favourite. Of the 17 or so people we came across during sip & stroll, the general concencus was that Dianne's Fashion's Strawberry Frost Delight and Room 3A's Pineapple Slushy Punch were the pick of the bunch though The Shoppes at Fourth and Cherry's sangria was worth a few visits - the alcohol was definitely a draw in that one. The Mellow Remedy's Orange Creamsicle Slush tasted like sick and Sweet Hospitality's Almond Punch was said to taste like medicine - I gave that one a miss. During this eclectic event Jerry sat on the footpath with all his gear playing music for anyone who cared to listen, compliments of the local council.

I must say its not often you get to visit a place like Ocilla - it just has no reason to be on anyone's tourist visit list but that's what makes it so appealing. We have really enjoyed the difference and the southern hospitality and the kids have been perfect grand children on demand - made an old lady very happy. Today we leave sleepy Ocilla for Gainesville Florida.


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