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A change of pace - twice

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Have been very, very travelly for the last few days and remiss in updating blog - apologies to anyone reading (this is a bit like Big Brother - could be only two people reading or all of Australia! Ok - hi Terri and Susan).

The finals show for the Hip Hop thing was fantastic - such an enormous amount of talent and energy. Japan won the juniors and Varsity levels (ninjas with attitude) and a New Zealand all girl's crew won the open section (just attitude). Checked out the next day and drove about 7 hours to the Grand Canyon. Supposed to take 5 hours but big delays at Hoover Dam. Managed to stay on the right side of the road the whole time and arrived alive (always a good thing) seriously wondering if it was worth the long, long drive. It is. The canyon is spectacular, the temperature was comfortable, we saw 4 deer, 3 elk and a  squirrel, donkey treks, and walked  a little ways down the Bright Angel track.

Drove back to Vegas the next day (only 5 hours this time) and stayed in a fairy castle hotel (Excalibur) with a stunning view up the strip.

Up at 5am and off to Georgia the next morning. The plane was delayed due to 'something a bit funny with the controls'. Had maintenance have a look,'all okay now'. Taxied out to the runway, 'No, still a bit funny'. Everyone off, plane cancelled, maybe not, no other flights out of Vegas, and then. 'We think we've fixed the problem. Anyone who wants to can get back on and we'll give it a go. Don't worry, if the pilot doesn't think its safe we won't go up.' Hmmm. We went on - free snacks and movies - Yay.

Now in Ocilla, Georgia, population 400. Big detention centre where Jerry works - 1200 inmates who haven't fit in to the general jail population elsewhere - looking forward to some stories. Waned to put my passports in the hotel safe but couldn't as the hotel manager didn't know how to open it, 'no-one's ever asked to use the safe before.' Figured it was safe to leave them in my room!

Photos to be loaded later when my computer's charged.


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