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David Copperfield

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Today and yesterday we pretty much stayed in the MGM resort apart from a foray up the strip to see the Bellagio fountains - very pretty - via card snapping mexicans trying to induce men to use prostitutes by force of small card, surly expression and card snapping. This may be the first time in my life being a woman is a benefit - they leave me alone (but seem tempted to at least try Luke!)  

These resorts are phenomenal - just so huge. Getting from our room to the strip takes 10 - 15 minutes via the casino, past half a dozen restaurants, 10,000 gaming machines and tables and a couple of theatres. The whole stretch is air conditioned - further inducement to never leave! Getting to the pool takes about the same time and passes restaurants, gaming stuff and 'experiences' but in the opposite direction. The river pool beckoned us again yesterday but with drinking in the pool encouraged and lots of people smoking, has lost some of its appeal. Never-the-less we stayed til closing before heading to our favourite eatery.

The Rainforest Cafe is pretty spectacular with 'vines' and jungle animals stretching to very high ceilings. Robotic apes and elephants dance every so often and butterflies, parrots and snakes drape from vines and 'tree trunks'. This is the home of the Volcano -- giant chocolate brownie stuffed with ice cream and dripping with caramel and chocolate sauces, and whipped cream. They announce its arrival. Best desert ever - shared by three.

Today we did the CSI investigation 'experience' which was pretty good and this afternoon we went to David Copperfield and WE LOVE HIM. His illusions are mind boggling and he's really funny. I got the impression we'd got him out of bed to do the matinee - he was so laid back but it just added to the show - loved it, loved it and so did the kids. Would love to do another show but time and money prevent this extravagance.

Tomorrow is our final day in Vegas and the finals of the hip hop comp. Should be a great show despite missing the extremely talented Aussie team with my son in it!


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