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DC Kidz Crew take an early exit

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Just back from the Red Rock Resort where the kids competed. Unfortunately, despite an awesome effort on their part, they didn't make it through to the semi finals. Never-the-less they were the crew picked by Fox 5 (Las Vegas local TV station) to be on their coverage of the event. Did a great job there too. Proud of them all and tomorrow we will go to the river pool that has a current to pull you around its course (in a giant tube if you like) through all sorts of obstacles til you reach the waterfall - can't complain about that alternative. The kids cheered up with a giant cone of  Hagen Daaz and are all really happy they had the chance to come and be a part of the whole event and atmosphere. The New Zealand and Japanese teams have been particularly spectacular in both the junior and open divisions if there are videos posted - they're the ones I'd look at first.

More impressions anon...


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