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Las Vegas - now I understand Hunter S

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Alright - we arrived very tired on whatever the f day it was after leaving Australia the same day! Las Vegas is every bit as glitzy as you may have imagined. The good news is, even if you decide never to leave your resort (in our case the MGM Grand) you will still get your 30 minutes exercise because these places are FRIGGING ENORMOUS! I think i'll get a bottle of water - 17 minutes to the bridge outside (with an awesome view of the statue of liberty, a fairy castle, New York skyline, scariest roller coaster ever, and some giant gold lions with the Eifel Tower in the distance) and another 17 back. To get anywhwere here you (and the kids) have to walk through the casino - breakfast at the Rainforest Cafe? walk past 70 000 slot machines and the crap tables with the glamour pusses looking worse for wear after 12 hours at the tables. But, the Rainforest Cafe is fab - elephants and gorillas on hydraulics and wall to wall vines and plaster wild life. And noone goes to bed before midnight - kids included. Aaaaaggghhhhh! My brain is overloading with weirdsville!



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Vegas Baby!

Las Vegas, US of A
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