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The third day

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I was browsing around tripntale to check out other hawaii trips and I came across this interesting picture...a sea turtle! by come I didn't find any?

anyway, this is the journal of my third day staying at hawaii...

we woke up quite early today at 8 am, our hotel room has partial ocean view,

 so I was just relaxing on the patio. Today's agenda is quite interesting...a shrimp truck and shaved ice. Brent & my sis recommended us to eat the shrimp rice plate that was cooked and served by a truck parked in the middle of nowhere, hence the name "shrimp truck". The actual name is Giovanni's aloha shrimp. So I did a search on my gps and bingo, it found it, so off we go to shrimp truck; estimated arrival is 45 minutes.

We were starting from Waikiki beach (which is on south east side of the Oahu island) to an area called north shore (which is located north of the island). This place is recommended by several people as a place for surfing. One thing I don't like driving around Hawaii is their highway system sucks. it's so confusing, although they only have 2 major highway, they interconnect too much and the traffic is veryyy slow... when I look at the map, it looks like it'd just take 20 minutes of driving, but the estimated arrival time of 45 minutes just tells you how slow the traffic is. And it turns out because approaching the final third of the destination, you're driving on a small highway with tons of traffic lights :) the bright side of it is you get to enjoy the view while driving (but don't do it on an empty stomach).

Anyway, so we're following the guidance of our gps into beautiful ocean sceneries along the north shore (it's really beautiful!!) and approximately 5 minutes before the destination, we were guided towards a upward spiraling road up the hill. and it becomes even stranger because our surrounding is all residential and very quiet, doesn't seem like there'd be any shrimp truck nearby, and still, the GPS tells us to keep going and turning. and finally we are 500 ft approaching the supposed destination...and ...guess's a dead end.....YES GPS leads us to a dead end, and it was showing there's a "Giovanni's aloha shrimp" there. hahah

There's some native Hawaiian people came to ask us why we're here (probably after seeing our disbelief and confused expression). and they are very kind enough to tell us to go downhill and provide us with direction to the real "shrimp truck". so off we go again hoping to find the real shrimp truck, and there's nothing to be seen in another 2, 3, 5 miles.... so we have to stop several times, only to be told that it's close.... keep driving... it's almost 12 o’clock now, and I'm starving, so we stop by the roadside to grab some local grown pineapple and coconut. (buyer beware: please ask the price before you buy, because we ended up paying $15 for one pineapple and two coconuts, which is outrageously rip off)

and...2 or so miles again, we finally came across something that looks like a truck with fancy graffiti on it, and a lot of parked cars and people waiting in front of the YEAH, the real shrimp truck.....but wait a doesn't spell "giovanni's" , but it reads Fumi Kahuku Shrimp.....hmmm I asked one of the people waiting and found out that the real shrimp truck is 1.5 miles away, but this fake shrimp truck is tastier and we caved in, we didn't want to drive anymore, we just wanted to eat the freaking shrimp...immediately!

And we ordered 4 plates of shrimp (10 shrimp each plate) with different flavors: butter& garlic, spicy garlic, lemon pepper & tempura. There are 10 more flavors if I remember correctly. it costs $11 each plate (don't worry, photos to be posted later). And tasted so GOOD.

Everybody’s so quite because we were enjoying the shrimp so much. and, as always, I'm ordering two more plates :D I'm so full of shrimp that day, and we don't bother going to the real shrimp truck anymore :) (I finally learned that there are 4 or 5 more fake shrimp trucks, not sure how they compare, but I'm satisfied with this fake shrimp truck).

After taking a few pictures at one of the north shore beaches (the beaches are so gorgeous, the water is so clear and the sand is so white). we headed to "Mastumoto's shaved ice cream". This place is amazingly popular, especially ever since they were featured on Adam Sandler's movie 50 first date.

There’s a long line of people waiting to get a scoop on the shaved ice as you can see in the picture. Inside the store, you’ll only see one long line for ordering and pickup and all the rest of the areas in the store are for selling merchandises like memorabilia, shirts, local arts and crafts, Japanese antique stuff. It’s quite interesting because the store is quite small, but I think they bought an open space (3 times bigger than the store) next to it for parking spaces. And every car that passes by the store will slow down trying to see what’s going on. So we ordered a Hawaiian special shaved ice (which is a combination of pineapple, mango, and coconut) and mastumoto special (a combination of another three flavors). There are tons of flavor to choose from, and you can also add ice cream or red beans on it. Okay okay, enough already, so how does it taste…..well… tastes okay, nothing special…..disappointed huh? I guess my take on it is that if you’ve ever been to Asian countries, you won’t be impressed by matsumoto. There’s nothing special, just simple shaved ice with syrups poured on it. Yep….that’s about it….

From there, we drove 20 minutes to Makelele (central south of the island) for….a premium outlet :D The place is not that big, I think they have around 50 stores. It’s almost like the size of the outlet in NapaValley.

This night we want to try some seafood. There are a lot of seafood and grill restaurants on Waikiki beach alone to choose from. Unfortunately, we didn’t find anything that is of our budget or popular. So we decided to go with a place called “Seaside bar & grill”. They advertised on most of the magazines we read, so we took the bait. Especially, they have a sunset dinner special for $11.99 with a choice of two items, with free shrimp cocktails, garlic bread, and salad. Yep, not a tough decision.

The restaurant is a 5 minute walking distance from waikiki beach, located at Kuhio avenue. When we get there, we saw a lot of posters outside of the restaurants advertising "$2.99 breakfast and $11.99 dinner" so we thought this is the real deal. We were greeted and escorted by a grandma who sits outside and passing out flyers to pedestrians. As soon as I walked into the restaurants, I have a bad feeling about the place. I think it must be the interior design of that looks cheap (well, what do I expect? :D) and to my surprise, I didn't see any $11.99 mention in the menu or in the flyer I received from grandma. The meals on the menu are all $20+. So I asked one of the waiter to come and I showed him the advertising piece I ripped from a magazine, and he has a look on his face that I don't like at all. Oh by the way, Henny tried to call the restaurants earlier to ask if they are still serving the $11.99 seafood dinner, and the person asked her back "Which magazine did you find it from"? I have a feeling that they must advertise different prices on different magazines.... and I'm right, they advertise $11.99 on the magazine I got from the airport, but they listed $22+ on a japanese magazine we got from the outlet. Ahh...double standard eh???

Aniway, I insisted the $11.99 price, which is what I came there for. and on top of the free cocktail shrimp , etc. And so he finally brought us our free's not a shrimp, it's a frozen  "stuff" the size of a quarter. Yuckkk.... Luckily we only ordered 3 plates and they tasted Okay, and we have to go to a sushi place later that night.

what's the conclusion?  avoid seaside bar & grill at all cost.....Seaside, you're banned!

After dinner, we're just walking along the Kalakaua Avenue. it's very crowded. There are a lot of artists who will draw self portrait for you. There are a bunch of clowns and people selling stuff along the street as well. The international market place is full of stores selling souvenirs, arts and crafts.

The very thing that amazes me about honolulu is that there's ABC stores everywhere. It's a convenient store that sells everything ranging from bottled water to souvenirs. You won't miss ABC stores coz you'll see it on every corner, sometimes there are two stores located so close to each other. This is so reminiscent of startbucks store. It's freaking everywhere. Okay, my advice is not to buy anything from the store because their stuffs are very expensive, but if you want to buy souvenirs and stuffs, and if you have car, go to wal-mart (they sell souvenirs too....hahaha....courtesy of Emelito )


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