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Holidays in Abu Dhabi

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Holidays in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi offers the best holiday experience by providing you its tranquil beaches, oasis, sunny weather, richest cuisine, and colourful city life. There are a number of activities to start-off your holiday. If shopping is your goal or your starting point, explore the Emirates Oldest Souqs. Iranian Souq and Al Meena Souq are one of the oldest and the most traditional places that must be seen. Persian Carpets are the speciality of these souqs.

Abu Dhabi, in the Far East, is a very modern city with plenty of attractions to explore. If you arrive in Abu Dhabi airport you will be amazed at the decor inside. It is very glitzy and truly amazing. When you reach the city you must go to the automobile museum it is a must for all the family. It houses the world's largest mobile home and has an extraordinary amount of military vehicles. For those tourists looking for an insight into the history and culture of this amazing city then take an excursion out to the Heritage Village.

Al Ain, which is located sixty miles away from Abu Dhabi is an oasis and a caravan stop. It is rich with a huge fertile plain and picturesque scenery. Here there is a camel market, zoo and a museum that contains artefacts both old and new and some good examples of Mesopotamian pottery. A few kilometres away from Al Ain is a water spring called Ain Faidha. Archaeological sites can also be found near the Al Ain area. To the south of Al Ain is Hafit Mountain which contains ancient pottery, swords and tombs.

The desert is a spectacular destination for the tourists. Sand skis, camel rides, four wheel drives amidst the majestic red dunes and stark mountains offer the ultimate desert experience. The oasis in the desert is a great place to stay and the journey through the desert also offers an opportunity of meeting the Bedu folk or the nomadic tribes who are very hospitable. Watching the camel races at dawn is a great way to spend the day.

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