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Place to must see in Prague

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Place to must see in Prague

If you can and have the time then a visit to one of Europe's most beautiful and historic capitals is a must. Prague is one of the most visited cities in Europe, with flights from the UK becoming accessible from more and more airports, and prices, if you book in advance, being very competitive.

After you see the main tourist attractions in Prague such as Charles Bridge, St Vitus Cathedral, Astronomical Clock on the Old Town Square you probably want to see more places but your tourist guide forgot to mention those. There are plenty of activities and places to see in Prague other than the main ones mentioned previously. I'm not going to rewrite tourist guides but I would like you to consider some which are not that well known or are sometimes forgotten.

Prague Castle

There are certain sites in certain cities which simply cannot be missed. They are usually emblazoned across postcards, and are the places people tell you you 'must see' before you go, and Prague Castle without doubt falls into this category. A tribute to the cities heritage, the Castle emerges from the Prague skyline, and is one of the biggest castle's anywhere in the world. Yet it is not its impressive size which lures the tourists, or even its beautiful architecture (although, like the Square, it is a gift when it comes to your holiday snaps), but the sense of importance and atmosphere and historical significance which makes the Castle such a draw. It is the location of the current Czech president's seat, and is the hub of the city and the country's politics

The Charles Bridge - a fantastic old bridge which gets packed with tourists and locals alike, and on which painters, musicians, jewellery makers etc all sell or perform. A fantastic place, if not a little crowded at times, but so worth it - amazing it has been standing for so long.

Prague Ghost Trail

If back to back watching of episodes of Most Haunted just doesn't do it for you any more, or your children are no longer frightened by Casper the supposedly 'friendly' ghost, then try the Old Town Ghost trail for an alternative evening's entertainment. Prague's labyrinth of tightly constructed roads and creaking gothic architecture make the city the perfect setting for ghostly story telling, and this nightly delve into the so claimed 'most haunted city in Europe' comes equipped with a local guide, who's sole intention is often to simply to scare you back into your armchair and that Most Haunted box set.

St James Church (Kostel Sv Jakuba) - Sunday mass St James Church is near the Old Town Square, has a great acoustics which makes it one of the finest places for a classical music concerts. The Choral works and music during Sunday mass is a must. If you are visiting during colder days, make sure you dress warm. It gets rather cold inside. Also notice the desiccated human hand hanging to the right above the entrance. It is genuine.

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